Palette de peinture Connector

The Connector paintbox impresses with its vibrant, rich colours that can be mixed extremely easily. Making learning fun - children can have fun while learning colours with the Connector paintbox. 12 or 24 vibrant colours guarantee colourful painting fun. The individual colour pots can be removed and connected however you like - you can even build figures! The ergonomic brush with sliding protective case and foldable water cup are useful companions for the Connector paintbox. To keep the workstation clean, simply rest the brush on the wavy edge of the cup. And once the work is done, the cup can be folded up and stored practically!
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Faber-Castell - Palette Connector x24 + pinceau
Palette Connector x24 + pinceau
19,00 €
Faber-Castell - Palette Connector x12 + pinceau
Palette Connector x12 + pinceau
12,00 €
Faber-Castell - Gobelet Clic&Go bleu
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Gobelet Clic&Go
à partir de 3,30 €
Faber-Castell - Set de peinture Connector + accessoires
Set de peinture Connector + accessoires
14,95 € 10,50 €
Faber-Castell - Palette Connector Bleu x12 + pinceau
Palette Connector Bleu x12 + pinceau
12,00 €
Faber-Castell - Boîte de couleurs Connector couleur séparée jaune
7 Couleurs de mine
Godet Connector
à partir de 1,20 €
Faber-Castell - Tube blanc de Chine
Tube blanc de Chine
1,20 €